How to use MaMo

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Welcome to the where we teach you the ins and outs of use so let’s get started!

Sign in or register

After signing in, at the top center of the screen is a search box.

Enter the company or symbol you are interested in and then to the right, press icon to activate search.

The next screen will give you one or more choices. Choose your symbol by scrolling down the list until your choice is made.

Place pointer in box and press enter

The next screen is where it gets fun!

Here, in this window is a blue band containing a fully customizable option panel

Along this blue band are use and customization options

At the upper center of the blue band is the symbol along with the name of the company you chose. Verify that before going further

Beginning at the left center option bank is the play/pause icon.

To the right is the first bank of letters which refer to the past history periods to present and current market data musical trends.

We begin with the letter y for year, then to the 3M for 3 months, M for month, W for week, D for day and H for hour

H is where the current data will run from.

Continuing to the right is a choice between candlestick and line chart

To the right again is the audible library.  

Here you will find all types of musical instruments to play the markets movements to the tune of your world. You will also find vocalizations to choose from.

The next choice is time increments in seconds. This is where you determine the frequency or the amount of time between notes played.

Below is flat range option, to just have a specific amount of price change for the notes to activate. One cent can be chosen or ten dollars. Press apply

The next box offers the the  percentage box. There is a default of .0025. You can change it to any ratio you wish. Enter value in field. Press apply to the right.

Both the percentage and flat range options are unlimited

So, that’s it! Play around to get an ear for it.

How are you going to play the market today?

Don’t forget to view the other tips and clips of videos and useful info for a better understanding of Markets Movements.

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