Never Miss a Move

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How many times have you missed the markets movements? Now you can listen to your trade and act upon the tones for your next move as opposed to just random chance checking of the chart. So often a trader will make a random checking of their trade only to find they missed a move. I was watching a chart one day after we added the steel drum to listen to the chart. As I listened to this fairly uneventful stock play, it began to run up. I was so excited to get a chance to experience the run up and had a made to order demonstration. As it went from $67.00 to 72.00 I had a great listen. It then went up to $74.00 and change only to drop back to $67.00. This happened over and hour and a half. If you were listening and caught the runup, you would have made a substantial return in that short time frame. If you came back to the chart an hour and thirty five minutes later you would have thought nothing happened and you would have missed a huge move and a great opportunity. With the soft, melodic, background prompts the markets movements are always within earshot.

Set stops, buy and sell alerts or “noteifications” to alert you to go to the laptop or device to follow the chart. It saves you from watching the chart up to this point allowing one to make breakfast, watch the news, feed the baby, etc. Your time becomes freer and your chances are greatly enhanced of having a better return or a reduced loss. Stops and buys are not always honored during periods of volatility and your plan could fail. Noteifications are separate from your trade platform so they should always activate unlike the stops and buy/sell orders during the markets movements.

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