Tips for Using MaMo

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Tip: As the notes begin to sound higher, that means the price is going up. The lower the notes the more the price went down. 

If you are following a stock and it’s coming to the high or low you can pause and set back to middle note.

Tip: When the price movement exceeds the range of notes, they will begin at the lower if the price is rising or at the higher as the price is going down. When the range is being exceeded this might be the time to watch the chart. 

Tip: You may want to pause the play to restart and begin at the center note at this time or just let it continue it’s play. It depends on how you choose to follow the tune.  

Tip: Choose the price ranges carefully. Too small a range for large moving trades will distort the tones and be misleading. In other words, don’t trade a $1000.00 asset with a $.05 change. The ranges will be broken constantly. Look in the $.50 or more, depending on your desired rate of return. If you’re looking for $1.00 changes, then set the range at $1.00. Too large a range will result in a constant note without any fluctuation.Tip: Set the percentage range to better reflect your return objective. 

Tip: Set Noteifications for activation points when the tones will begin or to give a second affirmation of where your asset is trading. 

Tip: Set notifications to help keep you aware of the price as well, even if not in that trade, as a subtle reminder. 

Tip: The number of instrument notes will determine the range until note reset. Listed below is the range of notes of each instrument. The music tones begin at the middle range of each instrument so for example, the guitar will have a range of six notes in either direction. 

Instrument list:

Piano – 49

Piano 1 – Arpeggios – 49 going up and down (totaling 98)

guitar – 12

horns – 21

sitar – 21

strings – 28

zither – 21

steel drum – 21 

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