Benefits of MaMo for the Visually Impaired

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With a background in accessible design, when the notion of audible trading came up it was immediately recognized as a benefit to the visually impaired community… Having a good perspective of the challenges many people face in their day-to-day activities and the things they may be excluded from for one reason or another but only to meet those challenges with tenacity and endurance most of us would buckle under, was the most inspiring attitude.

It was always an honor when someone could come back to their home and family or pets, once the obstacles were eliminated, and we provided the means for this to happen. With wider doorways and accessible bath facilities, lives were changed for the better. No greater pride was shown when a simple meal was prepared and once again, an achievable milestone for them.

MaMo is an accessible design in that it gives an opportunity where it did not exist before. Audible trade tracking is here and will make a difference in some people’s lives. Access the markets movements and find your own fortunes.

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